Everybody's Fool (xeverybodysfool) wrote in cc_buddies,
Everybody's Fool



Please do tell me what's wrong with this picture
Nothing makes sense, I've lost my defense
No, it I won't dismiss
How can you be, be so unreal to me?

Everything that you do
Is beginning to bledd through
I've had it up to right here
I am dying when you're near
This is just to much for me now
i can't take it, make it disappear

You never seem to care about me
What you I give and you get, so much that I regret
But you do not realize what you do
So I don't bother trying to tell you

Where do I go now?
I ask myself how
If I stay here
Then it won't ever disappear

Everything that you've done
Has cause me to now run
I'm done playing this game
You are the one to blame
It was just too much for me
I couldn't take it so I disappeared

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