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1.Name: shawna
2.List your favorite 3 bands or artists or whatever your music is: screamo/emocore, ska, pop :)
3.If you had to label yourself(in our stereotypical school where our lives are apprently already in labels) which would you be?: asians. yea. heh does that count? =/
4.What's your favorite thing to do in CC?: walk around and bumping into friends!!
5.Please list 3 things to add to our community's "Interests" list that isn't there already: bubble gum, poetry, digital camera
6.List a few shows you like: that 70s show, sailormoon, simpsons, charmed, quintublets..err yea
7.Any special qualities or talents you posses?:
8.Post at least 1 picture of yourself:
9.???Random???: my camera is pissing me off. >:|
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